Down Payment Assistance

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Down Payment Assistance


The Down Payment Assistance (DPA), deferred loan program will be used for down payment and eligible closing costs to assist low income, first time home buyers with the purchase of residential properties that meet HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS). There are two programs available, HOME Funds and Home Means Nevada Initiative (HMNI) funds.


  • The maximum deferred loan amount under the DPA Program is $10,000 for HOME funds and $25,000 for HMNI. Eligibility is determined by applicant’s gross annual income and the home’s purchase price.
  • The loan is secured by an interest free loan agreement, promissory note and a Deed of Trust to the benefit of the State of Nevada Housing Division.
  • The deferred loan bears no interest.
  • The deferred loan will be forgiven after 3 or 5 years, depending on which program is used, if the home remains the primary residence of the applicant. If the home is sold prior to the determined time frame, the amount provided for DPA will be due in full.
  • Eligible applicants must carry hazard insurance and flood insurance where applicable to adequately cover all existing loans or mortgages on the property, including the deferred loan for the duration of the loan. RNDC must be listed on the policy as an additional loss payee.
  • Applicants acknowledge the approval of the DPA program is contingent upon the applicant applying and receiving pre-approval from a financial lending institution mortgage loan.
  • The home must meet HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS).
    Sale of a home that causes displacement are not eligible.
  • Maximum purchase price requirements depend on which program is used.
  • Transaction must go through a Title Company.
  • Homes built prior to 1978 must be inspected for lead-based paint.
Eligible Counties:

  • Carson
  • Churchill
  • Douglas
  • Elko
  • Esmeralda
  • Eureka
  • Humboldt
  • Lander
  • Lincoln
  • Lyon
  • Mineral
  • Nye
  • Pershing
  • Storey
  • White Pine

Funds are deferred loans, there is no payment required and no interest accrual provided the home remains their primary residence. Upon sale / transfer of title, the full amount is due and payable during period of affordability.

Please contact Doreen Venturino, Housing Programs Manager or Angel Miller, Administrative Clerk with any questions regarding our Down Payment Assistance program.

DPA Application (pdf)